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About Fun2Read Music

It's quick! It's simple! It's fun! It's so easy a child can do it!  Learn how to play the piano or keyboard using this amazing, quick-start learning program.


Whether you are six or sixty-six, you can start learning to play today. Our program is designed especially for beginners. We're talking COMPLETE BEGINNERS here, folks! You'll soon be playing familiar songs on the piano  or keyboard and surprising your friends and family! All you need to get started is a piano or keyboard and a computer. And, of course, the desire to learn.


What do we learn?


At Fun2Read Music, our first goal is to learn to play music. And the idea is to actually READ the music notation. At first, the notation will be just finger numbers. In later lessons, it will become actual music notation with notes and rests and a staff along with the finger numbering.


What do we learn first?


When I started taking piano lessons as a child, I was so confused by trying to learn everything at once! Between the finger numbers, counting time, note names, scales, finger exercises - and, of course - learning how to play the music, it was just too much for my little brain! To read about my experience as a complete beginner, click to read the blog post entitled Raised as a Chicken.


So when I became a teacher, I decided to pick the one skill that would get my students actually playing real songs the fastest - and that's LEARNING THE FINGERING. This is a skill that you'll use from your very first lesson until you become a concert pianist! It's as easy as 1-2-3 (4-5)! In case you want confirmation on whether that's the most important skill, click to read the blog post entitled Just Ask Phil Jackson.


How do we learn?


In order to play a song based on finger numbers, you need to know a few things. First, you need to know how to number the fingers. Then each finger needs to learn to respond to its number. You need to know a little bit about basic timing. You need to know where to place your hands on the keyboard ("home base"). And that's basically it! You're ready to play all the songs in our first level. Oh, and you'll also need to know what the song should sound like when you're done. That way, you'll know if you're playing it right.


Most complete beginners are interested in playing familiar songs. So that's what we do! And we do lots and lots of playing. That's the joy of our Fun2Read Music Club. The more you play, the better you'll get. And the better you get, the more you'll want to play! Before you know it, your fingers have gotten very smart and you're ready for the next level!


Suppose it's too easy?


We think it's important to keep things easy! That's the whole point with Fun2Read Music. So the first book in our e-book series teaches the right hand melody along with just enough information for you to be able to play. The songs I've selected are the ones that have the easiest fingering.


Why? Because, if I give you a lot of complicated stuff in the book, you'll skip over the easy stuff... go straight for the hard stuff... and get all discouraged. At least, as a student, that's what I did! Try the Fun2Read Music method and take it easy instead!

 Suppose it's too hard?


With Fun2Read Music, there is no easy way to make things hard for yourself! Even the hardest song in the book is still pretty easy! And everything in the book reinforces the same set of skills. The only thing that is hard for some people is accepting the fact that this really does not have to be so hard!


Don't wait a minute more! Click to subscribe - because the world needs WAY more music!

And have fun!


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About Us

Hi! I'm Catherine Donroe and I'm the creator of Fun2Read Music! In the 25+ years I've been teaching piano, I've had students of many ages -  from 6 to 66!


Many piano teachers aspire to work with advanced students and I've certainly had my share. But I've always enjoyed working with complete beginners even more, because they learn so fast. I love that "Aha" moment when they begin to play familiar songs in their very first lesson!

Of course, everyone knows that the way to get to Carnegie Hall is "Practice, practice, practice"! But with my Fun2Read Music Club, kids won't notice that they're practicing! They think they're having fun playing on the computer and keyboard (or piano)!


Before you know it, they have a repertoire of familiar songs! Not only that, they can make up their own songs and write them down using my quick short-hand method.   
Now you and your child can benefit from this quick-start method too! It's so easy that it seems like child's play - but that's the whole idea.


Just relax and have fun and allow yourself to experience the "Aha" moment! This method will have you playing LOTS of familiar tunes before you know it. And the more you play, the more you learn. And the more you learn, the more you WANT to play!


Try out the Fun2Read Music Club because you'll be amazed too! Click to subscribe.


To find out more, check out my Fun2Read Music blog at:   


Oh, and who is the other part of "us"? Why, the Fun2Read Music Kids, of course! These animated characters are in charge of the Fun2Read Music Club. Click to meet the Fun2Read Music Kids! And have fun!